Hazel Token and Friends of the Forest are LIVE

Our Green Initiative

Hazel is designed to be the first Carbon Neutral crypto asset.


With a strong community there is no doubt we can change the world.

Safe Donations

Know exactly how your donations are used.

Frequent Updates

Learn about the eco projects in development right from the source.

Full Transparency

Everything is done with the approval of the community. The democratic nature of Hazel provides built-in transparency.

What We Do

We cannot change the world alone. But we can do it with the help of TREES >

Learn all the technical and financial details

We believe Hazel and its community can offset a huge enough carbon footprint to make it the first carbon neutral or even carbon negative cryptocurrency on Earth.

It may sound crazy, but your transactions will literally produce oxygen.

The Hazel team is proud to have Trees for the Future as our first donations recipient and our tree planting partner. See below a little glimpse of their life-changing work.

Donation Process

The process is simple, straightforward and transparent.

Learn all the technical and financial details

1. Collect

The charity transaction fees are pooled together in a wallet.

2. Exchange

The Hazel Tokens are exchanged, if desired, to the recipient's preferred stable coin.

3. Donate

The exchanged coins/tokens are sent to the recipient's wallet directly or via their requested method of choice.

We will keep the community up to date about the environmental work.

We promised transparency and that is what you will get. You will know exactly what happened to your donations and how the money is used to help offset the carbon footprint.

  • Official Twitter, and social media updates.
  • Comprehensive information regarding types of trees planted.
  • Impact updates from TREES.org.
  • Quantified data about the change we are making.

Breathe fresh air again

Help us make a difference. We all share one home and Earth needs us.