Hazel Token and Friends of the Forest are LIVE

Hazel is a community-governed token with small transaction fees that are donated towards planting trees around the world.

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Max Supply


Locked Liquidity


To be Burnt*


Wallet Limit


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*Hazel has a maximum supply of 900 million tokens with 600 million locked in the Liquidity Pool. The remaining third (300M) is kept in the deployer address and is automatically burned with every transaction that is made. This fixes two important issues:

Solid Start

Protects Hazel from a troll attack. If there wouldn’t be any tokens in the deployer wallet, an ill intended person could buy a few tokens at almost no cost, and propose a ballot that will destroy Hazel right from the beginning (disable the voting system and create a spin-off coin with the same code base). The voting weights are explained below and even those can be changed by the community.


Hazel allows its community to do charity by minting coins and through transaction commissions. If there was no burn there would be no room for minting new coins.

On-chain Voting

Hazel Token provides a hybrid voting mechanism developed for both On and Off-chain Governance.

On-chain Governance means that any holder will be able to propose a change to the token itself that will automatically be applied if the majority of holders vote in favor of the change (e.g., modify the wallet and transaction limits, mint or burn new tokens, alter the voting mechanism, propose charity events, etc.). The on-chain changes are meant to allow the community to establish rules and to enforce them, emulating how communities establish social norms and adhere to them since modern society formed.

The Off-chain Governance model is designed to facilitate communication between community members and the development team, allowing holders to express their vision and commonly agree upon the direction in which Hazel Project is heading.

Hazel’s community-governed nature extends to transaction sizes and wallet limits. Holders can also propose and vote on the following:

Wallet Limits

Hazel Token starts with a maximum wallet size of 9M, subject to change

Tx Limits

Impose limits on transactions or let it run freely

Change the Voting System

The community can even vote to disable it entirely and definitively.

Charity Events

Initiate and govern a new or existing charity event

Burn Rate

Modify the percentage from the transacted amount that will be burned from the deployer address

20+ Additional Votable Actions

Discover all the possibilities and how they affect Hazel, in our documentation

To be Released Soon

Generate and Mint NFTs using Hazel Token

View the Hazel Storefront

We are developing a technology that will allow users to generate and post their NFT collections on our Storefront, along with the Friends of the Forest and mint on the Polygon Network using Hazel Token.

  • Easy, streamlined process.
  • Very low minting fees.
  • You can execute all necessary transactions for your collection using only Hazel Token.
  • No need to build your own website to show off your collection.
  • Avoid pre-minting fees by allowing customers to mint directly from the Hazel Storefront.

How to Buy?

For a more detailed version of this tutorial click here. Find the contract address here.



Download and setup a wallet. Make sure to add the BSC Mainnet to your wallet. Check for the supported wallets here. We recommend MetaMask.



Visit Binance to buy BNB and send it to your wallet. Remember to only send BNB to a wallet that supports it. Use the BSC (ERC20) network.


Go to PancakeSwap

Follow this link. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap and exchange the BNB for Hazel Token. Add Hazel Token to your wallet to show your tokens.


Take a Deep Breath

You just helped to produce fresh air. With every transaction, more and more trees get planted over the world our tree planting partner TREES.org.

Plant Trees

Donate Crypto

The Environment

Hazel is first and foremost an eco-friendly project. We believe we can change and reverse the negative impact crypto has on the environment. We propose begining with a tree.

Hazel aims to change the way we think about crypto tokens. As this technology goes global, society is realizing the negative environmental impacts it can have if left unchecked. Hazel is a community-governed token with small transaction fees that are donated to the planting of trees around the world. Click the link or button below to find out the technical and financial details.

Our first environmental program is made possible with the help of Trees for the Future. You can learn more about them here. The photos used in this section are property of TREES.org.

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