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A breath of fresh Air with every transaction

Hazel was created to adapt automatically to the will of the community, without the developers' intervention.

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Key Features

Hazel is a new eco-friendly token designed to store and trade wealth, while keeping the power in your hands.

On-Chain Governance

Hazel features an on-chain voting system - the actions approved via voting are taken independently of the dev team. This means you can trust Hazel.

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Every single Hazel transaction features a small fee that will be donated towards reforestation. Your transactions will literally generate oxygen.

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Wallet and Tx Limits

There are hard limits set in place for wallet and transaction sizes. This will prevent the 1% to rule over the other 99%. Every limit is subject to vote.

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Experienced Dev Team

We, the founders of Hazel, consider ourselves early adopters of the crypto revolution. We bring to the table a total of 16 years of experience in this field.

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Hazel Token

Hazel Token is Phase 1 of a very complex and ambitious project.

Hazel is a new token, designed to store and trade wealth but at the same time, to give real power to the members of this community. Hazel was created to adapt automatically to the will of the community, without the developers' intervention.

Hazel features a built-in mechanism for charity events. Trading Hazel Token means planting trees. Read more below.


Hazel Token

An eco-friendly approach to crypto using Binance Smart Chain. Learn more about its features and tokenomics here.


Administration Portal

A way for people to interact with the Hazel smart contracts.


Hazel Blockchain and Hazel Bridge

The first Blockchain using exclusively certified renewable energy mining pools. It is also the home of Hazel Coin and featuring Apps.


Tokenization Platform

The newest and fastest growing form of capital raising. It's also the coolest one.


IP Marketplace

An innovative way to secure, trade and show your Intellectual Property using the Hazel Blockchain.

The Project

Here are the 5 pillars of this project.

We are starting by launching the Hazel Token on the Binance Smart Chain as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for this paradigm. It will feature an independent voting mechanism, an on-demand customizable charity event system and powerful tokenomics designed to protect the token in its infancy and progressively transfer all the power to the holders, essentially becoming truly democratic.

Following the launch of Hazel Token we will release a GUI Administration Portal which will make the user interaction with the contract a streamlined and wizard-like experience. Every Hazel holder will be able to use the Portal without any extensive crypto, programming or computer knowledge.

The Hazel Blockchain will be the crowning achievement of this project. It's designed to be the core of the next generation of eco-friendly crypto applications. It will host the new Hazel Coin and a series of Hazel apps, first of which will be Hazel Bridge. Hazel Bridge will allow the 1:1 exchange of Hazel Token into Hazel Coin for every Hazel Token holder.

The Tokenization Platform will allow businesses to offer for sale tokenized shares in their respective enterprises, hold shareholders votes and more. Tokenization offers never-seen-before advantages for entrepreneurs looking for investments and for investors looking to spot the next great idea or the next popular YouTube Channel.

Blockchain is forever. That means it is maybe the most permanent form of storage making it perfect for Intellectual Property. That's where Hazel IPVault will come in.

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Why Hazel?

By the way, by trading Hazel Token, you are planting trees thanks to TREES >

"Trees for the Future (TREES) is a nonprofit that's changing lives through tree planting. TREES staff train farmers in a sustainable farming technique called the Forest Garden Approach. Forest Gardens support a healthy environment by effectively restoring and protecting degraded land while ending hunger and poverty for the farmer and their family. To date, TREES has planted 228 million trees around the world and helped more than 300,000 people. TREES believes that innovative solutions are the key to solving problems like poverty, hunger and the climate crisis. That’s why they were one of the first environmental nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency!"

A small fee from your transactions goes in a special wallet reserved for TREES. The percentage donated is explained thoroughly in the documentation and can be changed via voting.

You can see a cost breakdown here as provided by Trees for the Future. They were also kind enough to provide us with their Carbon Report.

You can start by becoming an environmentally-conscious person. Educate yourself about sustainable ways and what you can do to lower your carbon footprint. Secondly, you can trade Hazel Token or, if you feel like it, donate crypto to TREES.org.

Our Team

Different people united under the same goal.

Say hello to our team. Meet all of us here.

We're bringing a creative touch to the Hazel Project with a limited number of NFT avatars.

We call them Hazel's Friends of the Forest. Some, you can buy, others, can only be won.

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Binance Smart Chain

The perfect environment for the Hazel Token.

Binance Smart Chain relies on a system of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. The most bonded validator candidates of staking will become validators and produce blocks. The double-sign detection and other slashing logic guarantee security, stability, and chain finality. Learn More.

  • *Much quicker transactions.
  • *Significantly more cost efficient.
  • Easy DApp portability between BSC and Ethereum networks.
  • **Eco-friendly blockchain.

*Compared to the Ethereum blockchain.
**Binance Smart Chain is a platform that produces less than 1% of ecological footprint compared to other blockchains.

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Our Community

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One of the goals of the Hazel Project is to help people better understand the fast-changing world of crypto. We understand that its drive force stands with the community and we believe having a financially educated generation is of paramount importance.

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