Hazel Token and Friends of the Forest are LIVE

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NFTs have become a staple of crypto communities. As we consider all of you part of our team, we would like to invite you to join us as Friends of the Forest.

Our Core Team

This is us. In NFT form.



Ajisai (あじさい)





Head of NFT Dev

A Little Bit About Us.

We are passionate about our work and bold enough to attempt changing the world.

Our team has grown quite a bit since inception, now encompassing many contributors, in addition to the core crew.


Unique NFTs

Friends of the Forest

We are not all about serious stuff. We enjoy having fun too. Welcome to the fun side of this project!

As of recent global events, we, as people, have never been so separated, yet, so closely together. But what is the thing that binds us? Interest in a coin? A token? A promising project? Or maybe an NFT collection. Whatever it is, crypto continues to be a uniting force, bringing all sorts of different people together. And who are we to stand in its way? By releasing an NFT collection, we not only want to be closer to the community, but become part of it. Together, we are Friends of the Forest.


Friends of the Forest


Hand-drawn Traits


Classes of Rarity

NFT Collection

Check out what features we included in our NFTs.

Ideal for Collecting

We designed Hazel's Friends of the Forest collection having in mind traditional collectible trading cards.

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Scarcity Makes Things Valuable

Each Friend of the Forest has a border indicating its rarity. There are 5 classes of rarity: common uncommon rare epic and legendary. The legendary NFTs cannot be bought from us.

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Donating Royalties

Our NFTs are created on the same philosophy as the Hazel Token. They too will contribute to the charitable events live on the Hazel eco-system. Whenever a particular NFT is traded, a percentage of the royalty fee will go towards charity.

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NFT as Reward

Some NFTs cannot be bought from us, making them extremely rare and valuable. Only a handful of people will receive a legendary Friend of the Forest NFT. They can be won during contests or obtained by significantly furthering Hazel's goals.

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Mint a Friend of The Forest

Hurry up! There's only 9001 of them!

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